Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Estate: Where To Find All Clues

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February 17, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Estate is a detective-like quest that involves a series of clues you’ll need to find to progress the main story in the video game published by Warner Bros. Games for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X & S, Xbox One, and PC.

In the Shadow of the Estate quest also gives you the chance to meet Sebastian’s sister, Anne, and his uncle named, Solomon Sallow.

Alongside Sebastian, you’ll get to investigate the estate where his sister was cursed, thus understanding Anne’s connection to the game’s plot.

For completing the Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Estate story quest, you’ll receive 260 XP, so to help you with the quest’s objectives, throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll guide you from start to finish.

Where To Find Sebastian In Feldcroft

In the Shadow of the Estate is a Hogwarts Legacy quest that becomes available after you finish The Helm of Urtkot and your character reaches Level 15.

When the quest starts, you’ll be asked to meet Sebastian in Feldcrot, a region southwest of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

To find Feldcroft and Sebastian, open your map, and while tracking the current quest, fast-travel to the Feldcroft Floo Flame marked below.

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Estate Walkthrough

If you didn’t activate the Floo Flame, fast-travel to the closest Flame, then use your broom to reach the small village known as Feldcroft.

Once you reach Feldcroft, look around, and you should be able to see Sebastian on top of a wooden platform waiting for you.

The platform is only several steps away from the Feldcroft Floo Flame.

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Estate Guide

If you can’t find Sebastian on top of the tower, simply approach the glowing circle on the ground and press the button on the screen to wait for him.

After he arrives, Sebastian tells you that Feldcroft is not a safe place since Ranrok’s Loyalists took over Rookwood Castle. What’s more important, though, is that even if his sister was cursed by one of them, his uncle Solomon, a former Auror, doesn’t want to look into it.

Despite his uncles’ decisions, Sebastian still wants to find a way to cure Anne, but to be able to do that; he needs to know what happened when she was cursed.

As you may remember from the main quest named In The Shadow Of The Undercroft, Sebastian asked you to meet his sister Anna to pay him back because he took the blame when you two were exploring the Library (Secrets of the Restricted Section main quest).

Now it’s time to return the favor, so follow him down the platform and then into the house northeast.

When you enter Sallow Home, you’ll witness a small fight between Sebastian and his uncle Solomon, who insists that Anne can’t be saved.

Where To Find Anne And Solomon

After their dispute, first, talk to Solomon outside the house, and he’ll tell you that nothing can be done for Anne.

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Estate Solomon Sallow

You’ll get two dialogue choices, but not of them is essential for the upcoming events, so feel free to answer how you wish.

Solomon will tell you that his anger towards Sebastian is because he thinks that giving hope to Anne is cruel. As such, he doesn’t want Anne involved in the current events. The next two dialogue choices are similar and won’t change what happens next.

Now, head inside the house to meet Anne. Before talking to her, make sure you get the following items of interest.

  • A letter from Sebastian Sallow to his sister Anne – found on the right side as you enter the room
  • A letter from Anne Sallow to Sebastian Sallow – found on the left side of the main chamber

Feel free to read the letters before talking to Anne.

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Estate Quest Walkthrough

As you can see, Anne is not feeling very well, despite the smile on her face. After you tell her how you met Sebastian, the topic of the conversation becomes Solomon and the fact that, as an ex-Auror, he doesn’t want to go after Ranrok’s Lotyalists.

Even though she suffers, Anne thinks Solomon is right, and Sebastian won’t be able to remove the curse. She’ll ask you to help him understand, and you’ll have two choices:

  • I can try
  • Sebastian’s made up his mind.

Both dialogue choices are pretty much the same, mainly because you won’t be able to convince Sebastian to give up no matter how much you try. So pick the one you want, as there are no consequences.

Now, let Anne rest and head outside. Sebastian will be waiting for you by the road in front of the house.

When asked how he is, he’ll apologize for his uncle. Answer however you want, and he’ll tell you that no matter what Anne and Solomon think, he refuses to believe that there is no cure for his sister.

Furthermore, Sebastian will ask you to follow him to see where Anne was cursed. Stay close to him, and he’ll take you to the ruins of an estate southeast of the village.

On your way up, you’ll be ambushed by some of Ranrok’s Loyalists. Make sure you deal with them, then keep following Sebastian until you get to the plateau where the former estate was located.

When you get close, talk to Sebastian again, and he’ll tell you what happened to Anne. Or what he thinks that happened to her.

The last dialogue choice is not important for the upcoming events. Sebastian rightfully thinks that the Goblins tried to hide something when Anne was cursed, so now your detective skills come into play.

Where To Find The Estate Clues In Hogwarts Legacy

After talking to Sebastian, cast Revelio to find the first two clues. As you can see in the following screenshot, you’ll need to investigate the pick hammer close to Sebastian’s location, then the weapon rack several steps northwest of the first clue.

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Estate Clues Locations

After investigating these two clues, head southeast to find a round recipient, you should also check, then head up the hill to spot a well.

While standing close to it, cast Revelio to spot even more clues:

  • The estate well
  • A bench overseeing Feldcroft
  • A weapon rack near the bench
Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Estate Where To Find Clues

After investigating these clues, you’ll probably start remembering when you last saw this hill.

So, now, turn around and head south, then enter the ruins. By the chimney on the right side, you’ll spot a painting. Make sure you investigate it, even though it has been destroyed by fire.

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Estate Search for Clues

After taking a close look at the painting, you and Sebastian will realize that it was damaged intentionally.

Talk to him next, and as you probably realized, this estate belonged to Isidora Morganach.

After Sebastian catches up with you, your search for clues continues. On the left side of the chimney where you found the painting, you should be able to spot a wall made of rocks.

Equip Depulso by pressing Right on your DPad, then destroy the wall, and crawl through the hole to get inside the next room.

Now turn right to see some stairs leading to the basement or cellar.

How To Explore The Cellar

Once inside the estate’s cellar, first, pick up the two pages from Isidora Morganach’s Journal, and read them carefully as they are pretty important for the story, revealing what Isidora experienced in the past.

As you can see below, one page is on the ground, and the other is on the table.

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Estate Isidora Morganach Journal

After you read the journal pages, destroy the wooden wall on the other side (also marked) using the Depulso Spell.

Behind the wooden wall, you’ll find a secluded room, and on the left side, a wall leading to the Undercroft.

After you find the wall, report your discovery to Sebastian, then return to the Undercroft via the glass wall.

Upon your arrival, you’ll witness a cutscene that shows a secret wall revealing a note. Make sure you approach the wall and pick up the Rune Diagram before showing it to Sebastian.

After Sebastian sees the Diagram, he’ll start wondering if Anne was cursed by Ancient Magic. He’ll also ask for time to look for Salazar’s Slytherin scriptorium alongside Ominis.

Now, Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Estate ends, and you’ll trigger multiple side-quests, including Rescuing Rococo and A Thief In The Night.

The High Keep and Astronomy Class main quests also become available now. If you need help with them, check our corresponding walkthroughs or visit our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub if you want to find all collectibles in the game.

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