Hogwarts Legacy Scrope’s Last Hope: Where To Find The Notes

February 10, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Scrope’s Last Hope is a house-exclusive main quest for Slytherin, in which you’ll try to help a house-elf named Scrope recover the Black family’s ring in exchange for information about the missing pages.

Scrope’s Last Hope Main Quest becomes available after you finish the Trials Of Merlin Main Quest, where you’ve met archeologist and historian Nora Treadwell and solved your first Merlin Trial.

Since Scrope’s Last Hope is a Slytherin house-exclusive quest, it means that you can only play it if you opted for Draco Malfoy’s House. As a Ravenclaw House member, this quest is replaced by Ollivander’s Heirloom, while Gryffindor members will have to complete The Hunt for the Missing Pages.

Last but not least, Hufflepuffs must finish Prisoner of Love main quest to progress the story.

So, in the following guide, we will explain where to find all of Scrope’s notes and how to investigate the grotto in Scrope’s Last Hope Main Quest in the video game developed by Avalanche Software.

Where To Find Scrope’s Note In The Courtyard In Scrope’s Last Hope Quest

Open the Hogwarts map, select The South Wing of the Castle, and fast-travel to Hogwarts South Exit.

Use the nearby bridge to enter the Clock Tower Courtyard and look for the Mysterious Note in the mouth of the griffin statue facing east.

Collect the scroll to learn that Scrope knows about the missing pages, but speaking out in the open is not safe, so you’ll have to find another hidden note.

Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope Mysterious Note Location

Where To Search For The Next Note

Follow the path across the bridge leading outside of Hogwarts and check the left (east) rock.

You’ll see the note sitting on the edge of one of the rocks, but it’s too high to grab.

Use Accio to pull the nearby wooden crate in front of the rock with the note, then climb the crate and pick up the message.

Use Revelio by pressing DPad Left to reveal the location of the crate.

Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope Mysterious Note Location

After you read the note, you’ll learn that Scrope hid another note inside one of the pumpkins down the road.

Where To Search The Pumpkin Patch For Another Note

Head down the road leading to the shack with the pumpkin patch.

Get near the scarecrow and press DPad Left to reveal the final note’s location inside the pumpkins.

Tap (R1)/(RT) to destroy the pumpkin and reveal the mysterious note.

Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope Mysterious Note Location

Collect the mysterious note, which asks you to meet with Scrope at the water’s edge by the broken docks.

Where To Meet Scrope At The Water’s Edge In Scrope’s Last Hope

After you pick up the note from the pumpkin, you’ll be given a waypoint to meet Scrope at the water’s edge.

Follow the route marked on the minimap to meet with Scroope by the broken docks.

Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope Meet Scrope

After you reach the waypoint, a cutscene will start where you meet up with Scrope, the house elf of the Black Family. 

Choose to help Scrope without telling the Headmaster while searching for the missing pages in the grotto to progress Scrope’s Last Hope Main Quest.

How To Investigate The Grotto In Scrope’s Last Hope Main Quest

Once the cutscene ends, follow the new waypoint marking the location of the grotto, where you have to investigate the missing pages and look for Scrope’s ring.

Along the way, you will encounter a couple of Level 11 and 12 Stoneback Dugbog enemies with a lot of health and defense.

If you don’t want to fight them, use the Disillusionment Spell to sneak past them and enter the cave opening.

Place the toast Scrope gave you on the pedestal to start a short cutscene, which will make a hole in the squid-painted wall.

Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope Investigate The Grotto

Go through the hole and grab the Apollonia Black’s Journal off the desk to start another cutscene.

Hogwarts Legacy Scrope's Last Hope Apollonia Black's Journal

During the cutscene, you will make an acquaintance with Richard Jackdaw, a decapitated ghost.

He will tell you that he doesn’t have the missing pages anymore but knows where to find them.

And if you want to recover them, you should meet him at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, and he will show you where they are.

Once you finish the conversation with Richard Jackdaw, open the chest inside the cave to find a treasure map as part of the Ghost of our Love Side Quest. Follow our guide to learn where to find the treasure chest.

Now, return to Scrope at the water’s edge, by the broken docks, and give him the bad news about the Black family’s ring to complete Scrope’s Last Hope Main Quest. Feel free to visit our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub for more helpful guides.

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