Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Revenge: Where To Find Lawley’s Venomous Tentacula

February 11, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Revenge is a side quest in which you have to steal a Venomous Tentacula for Ackley Barnes.

Ackley was cut out of a Herbology supply business by his partner, Lawley, and now wants revenge.

However, retrieving the plant can be tricky because you have to sneak around Lawley’s cellar undetected.

Thus, you should follow our Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Revenge side quest guide below and make sure you don’t waste time finding the fascinating plant.

How To Start Venomous Revenge In Hogwarts Legacy

To start this side quest, you must first complete the Helm Of Urtkot main quest, where you must find a sacred goblin relic for Lodgok.

Once you finish the main quest, you must find Ackley Barnes, the quest giver for Venomous Revenge.

The NPC is located in Hogsmeade, more precisely, behind the Three Broomsticks Inn, the big building in the middle of the village.

The Hogwarts Legacy map below shows the exact location.

Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Revenge Walkthrough

Now, make your way to Ackley and talk to him to start the side quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Revenge Guide

Where To Find Alfred Lawley’s Cellar

Upon listening to Ackley, you have to find Lawley’s Cellar, which is fairly close here in Hogsmeade, west of the quest giver’s location.

The video game automatically tracks the cellar, so you can easily find it using your minimap.

Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Revenge Where To Find Lawley's Cellar

Get close to the cellar’s entrance and press the Square/X button on your PlayStation/Xbox controller.

You should now be inside the Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Revenge cellar with Lawley right in front of you.

Where To Find Lawley’s Venomous Tentacula

To continue, you must make sure Lawley doesn’t see you.

Hence, you should use the Disillusionment spell, which you’ve unlocked in the Secrets of the Restricted Section main quest.

But proceed with caution because you can still get detected.

You have to make your way to the west part of the cellar and enter the next room through a hole in the wall.

Then proceed on the linear path, and you’ll reach a bigger room with a couple of Thornback Scurriours (big spiders).

If you want to fight the mobs, go ahead because you don’t have to remain invisible in this room.

Now go up the stairs to the south of the big room, and you’ll find the Venomous Tentacula on the left side. It’s the huge weird-looking plant under the light.

Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Revenge How To Find Lawley's Venomous Tentacula

All that is left to do now to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Revenge quest is to get out of the cellar and go talk to Ackley, but remember, Lawley doesn’t have to see you.

Well done, friend! Continue playing the beautiful video game and if you run into trouble, go ahead and check our Wiki Hub here.

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