Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository Quest Walkthrough

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February 27, 2023

After dealing with Victor Rookwood and obtaining the unique wand from Gerbold Ollivander, the time has come to end Ranrok’s plans in Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository. As you can assume, the Hogwarts Legacy Final Repository quest features the most challenging boss fight in the video game developed by Avalanche Software, so before you start it, it’s recommended that you equip your best gear and stock up on Wiggenweld Potions.

The Final Repository main quest in Hogwarts Legacy is fairly linear, and there are no Treasure Chests or collectibles in the cave beneath Hogwarts; however, during this quest, you’ll first have to deal with waves of Goblins and Trolls before being able to fight Ranrok.

Returning to the Map Chamber

The Final Repository starts immediately after you deal with Victor Rookwood in Wand Mastery, and your first objective is to head back to The Map Chamber. As such, open your Field Guide Map, select the Hogwarts Map, followed by the Secret Rooms, and finally, The Map Chamber.

Now approach Professor Fig and tell him that Rookwood is dead. The good professor will be amazed that you defeated him, so make sure you tell him that you had to defend yourself. The first dialogue choice is also valid and won’t affect the final part of the game.

Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository Walkthrough

After talking to Fig, you’ll trigger a cutscene in which the Keepers will explain all they have done to ensure that what happened to Isidora won’t happen again. As Rackham outlines, when you find the last repository, you must resist the temptation to control or destroy it.

The Final Repository Keepers Caverns

Once the Keepers reveal the entrance to the secret cavern under the school, follow the stairs down and head through the door. Cross the bridge ahead with Fig, and when you enter the Keepers Cavern, you’ll see that Ranrok’s Loyalists also managed to reach it. As said, there are no Collection Chests or other collectibles in the cave, so don’t worry about them. Instead, focus on the battles ahead and follow the northern tunnel.

The path ahead is linear, so you can’t get lost. After dealing with the first group of Loyalists and the two Trolls, approach the western wall pictured below.

Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository Guide

Continue following the next tunnel, and you’ll reach another large cave with more Goblins waiting for you. Deal with them first, then head through the northwestern entrance to trigger a beautiful cutscene showing all your Hogwarts Professors offering their support in the battle against Ranrok and the Goblins.

After the cutscene, push west over the stone bridge and defeat a new wave of Goblins and the Troll with the help of Professor Sharp. Once you escape, you’ll learn how to use the unique wand Gerbold Ollivander crafted for you and have one last conversation with Professor Fig. When Fig asks you what you are going to do with the power the repository holds, you have two options:

  • I intend to keep it contained here
  • I intend to open it

While both dialogue options work, if you want to play safe, pick I intend to keep it contained here, following Percival’s request above. Now Fig asks you how long you will keep the secret about the repository, and you’ll have two additional choices:

  • I shall keep it secret for now
  • I shall keep it secret forever

As usual, both options are valid, with no significant consequences. If you decide to keep the secret forever, as Percival said, Fig tells you that while he respects your decision, you should know you are not alone. The conversation is abruptly interrupted by Ranrok.

How to Defeat Ranrok

Now it’s time to deal with Ranrok for good. The fight against Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy has multiple phases and occurs in multiple locations but follows the same pattern. As long as Ranrok (now a dragon-like creature) doesn’t have a health bar on your screen, you can’t deal damage, so you’ll have to focus on the colored spheres he spawns. Cast Spells that match the colors of the spheres to weaken Ranrok and aim for the boss when his health bar appears on your screen.

Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository Ranrok Boss Fight

Ranrok is very resilient, so you must be patient to deplete his health bar. The fight is not hard if you deflect his attacks during the first two phases and dodge the unblockable hits. Obviously, you can curse him so you can deal more damage, and you can use Ancient Throw and Ancient Magic attacks.

The third phase is the most difficult because deflecting Ranrok’s attacks is no longer an option, so you’ll have to dodge all of them. Remember to check if there are any spheres around him and prioritize them to weaken the Ranrok Dragon boss.

Hogwarts Legacy The Final Repository Ranrok Dragon

After defeating Ranrok, you’ll witness probably the saddest moment in the game, and it’s time to say goodbye to Professor Fig before returning to the Great Hall, where the other Professors celebrate the victory and pay their respects to Fig. Once the celebrations end, you’ll get the chance to talk to Sebastian and tell him that Anne was cursed by Victor Rookwook, not the Goblins.

Now that you have finished The Final Repository quest and the story, it’s time to complete all unfinished side quests and get 100% completion in all areas before starting Weasley’s Watchful Eye.

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