Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire: How To Solve All Merlin Trials

April 10, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trials are required for Merlin’s Beard! Trophy/Achievement and to achieve 100% completion in the southeastern area of the open world.

Also, by solving Merlin Trials, you increase the size of your inventory, allowing you to carry more loot and visit the vendors less often.

However, there are some requirements you must first meet:

  • Complete the Trials Of Merlin main quest, where you meet Nora Treadwell, an NPC with who you’ll solve your first Merlin Trial.
  • Get Mallowsweet Leaves which are required to start the Trials. The best way to obtain the leaves is to grow them yourself in the Room of Requirement, assuming you’ve bought the Mallowsweet Seed Recipe in Hogsmeade from the Magic Neep shop.

To continue, we’ll be focusing on the 5 Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trials and explain how to solve the puzzles throughout the guide below.

Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trials Locations Map

First, it would be best to check the next map of the Cragcroftshire area on which we’ve marked the locations of the Merlin Trials altars.

Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trials Locations Map

We’ll also provide additional instructions for each Trial following the same order as the one on our map.

Merlin Trial #1: In Some Ruins

The first Cragcroftshire Merlin Trial is found in some ruins southeast of the Cragcroft Shore Floo Flame on the west side of the region.

Once you find the altar, interact with it, then cast Revelio, and look around to spot 5 highlighted stones.

Note that Revelio can reveal the stones even through walls, as you’re about to see in the following screenshot.

To solve the puzzle, you have to destroy the 5 stones using the Confringo spell.

Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trials Locations

Merlin Trial #2: Next To A Campfire

For the next Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trial, you must head on the north side of the area at the second location pinpointed on the map above.

Look for the altar next to the campfire in the ruins at the said location.

Start the Trial, then look for 3 stones with diamond-shaped holes and 3 groups of green fireflies.

The stones get highlighted if you cast Revelio and are nearby, around the ruins.

As for the fireflies, 2 groups are next to the altar, and the third is near the cart down the stairs southeast of the ruins.

Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trials Altars Locations

To solve the puzzle, you must bring the fireflies to the stones. To make the glowing green insects follow you, cast Lumos near them.

Deal with one group of fireflies at a time. Also, note that a stone can contain only one group.

Merlin Trial #3: In The Cragcroft Settlement

Cragcroftshire Merlin Trial #3 can be solved in the Cragcroft settlement.

You’ll find the altar behind a house in the northwestern part of the settlement.

Upon starting the Trial, look for 3 unlit braziers on the road west of the altar.

One brazier is right near the altar, and for the other 2, you must head south on the road.

Where To Find All Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trials

You can solve the Trial by lighting all 3 braziers using Confringo.

However, you have a short period to do it, so we suggest you position in the middle of the braziers to reach all of them fast.

Also, start with the tallest brazier and finish with the smallest to increase your time period.

Merlin Trial #4: On A Beach

The fourth Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trial will take you to the south side of the region; you have the exact location marked on our map.

You should find the altar on the beach once you reach the spot.

Interact with the altar and look for 9 balls you have to destroy with basic attacks to solve the Trial.

Each ball sits on a small pillar, and if you cast Revelio, you can easily spot them.

The balls are split into 3 groups, one to the south of the altar, another west, and the last up on the northeastern cliff.

Where To Find All Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trials Altars

Merlin Trial #5: On Another Beach

Finally, the last Cragcroftshire Merlin Trial is on another beach, but this time in the southeastern corner of the area.

As such, head to the fifth location marked on the map above and start the Trial.

Then head to the 6 stones northwest of the altar. To complete the Trial, all you have to do is jump from stone to stone without touching the ground or water.

How To Solve All Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trials Puzzles

Well done, our wizard/witch friend! You’ve managed to find and solve all 5 Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Merlin Trials puzzles. But don’t stop here because there is plenty more to do in the video game developed by Avalanche Software, and if you have any problems, refer to our Wiki Hub here.

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