Hogwarts Legacy Grief And Vengeance: How To Complete

February 18, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Grief And Vengeance is the fourth relationship quest as part of Natty Onai’s questline, in which you will have a conversation about your recent escape from Ashwinders.

In the Grief And Vengeance Quest, Natty will also share the story of her father’s death and how it drives her to fight for those who cannot.

So, if you wish to learn more about Natty and progress her questline, follow this guide to complete the Grief And Vengeance in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Unlock Grief And Vengeance Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

Grief And Vengeance Relationship Quest becomes available after you complete Natty’s previous quests until you’ve finished A Basis For Blackmail, where the Ashwinders kidnap her.

To reach this point, you’ll have to progress the main story until you’ve completed In The Shadow Of The Mine with Sebastian.

Then, you can find Natty near the Great Hall Floo Flame after a while and speak with her.

Hogwarts Legacy Grief And Vengeance Quest Location

How To Complete Grief And Vengeance Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

In the conversation between you and Natty Onai, you will discuss the recent event in which they narrowly escaped a dangerous situation with Ashwinders.

Natsai reveals that you are the talk of the school for saving her during the incident.

She explains that she told her mother about what happened, hoping that it would make her mother more forgiving of her past behavior.

Also, Natty’s mother may have told other professors, which caused the news to spread.

Hogwarts Legacy Grief And Vengeance Quest Dialogue

Natsai mentions that Officer Singer has not done anything with the evidence you provided, which suggests that Harlow is still a threat.

She then shares a personal story about her father, who was killed by bandits while protecting her. She feels responsible for her father’s death and believes that fighting for justice is a way to honor him.

When you ask her about her mother’s opinion on the situation, Natty explains that her mother worries greatly and misses her father.

Hogwarts Legacy Grief And Vengeance Dialogue Options

Natsai believes her father would understand and approve of her persistence in seeking justice, but he would also worry, just as her mother does.

The conversation ends on a positive note, with Natty expressing her gratitude to you for saving her and your determination to put an end to the Ashwinders and the people behind it.

That’s everything you need to know about Grief And Vengeance Relationship Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Natty Onai’s next relationship quest is Finding Focus.

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